Certified Life-Purpose Coach, Spiritual Coach, Relationship Coach, and Entrepreneur Coach, Jordan has passionately immersed herself in the study of Life-Fulfillment, Self-Mastery, and Balanced Living - focusing entirely on a Whole-Life & Whole-Person Collaborative Coaching Experience. 

Jordan lavishly exudes her gift of empowerment through guiding you to know and honor yourself, above all. Jordan is solely dedicated and committed to witnessing women amplify every part of their entire existence by contributing her energy, love, and unique insights into her collaborations.

Jordan currently devotes herself to intimate one-to-one Coaching Collaboratives, and hosting her signature Spirituality, Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity Workshops and Retreats.

 You can learn more about Jordan’s Coaching Collaboratives, book an Intention Session with Jordan, Sign Up for Jordan’s Workshops and Retreats, and Connect with Jordan for general inquiries.